Legacy Beauloni is the premiere Afro-centric bridal headpiece company in the country. Add elegance and distinction to any special occasion, including Milestone Birthdays, Proms, and Sweet-Sixteens, with unique headpieces and jewelry from Legacy Beauloni.


Legacy Beauloni combines jewels and metals to create elegant and sophisticated head piece accessories.

Let Legacy Beauloni create the perfect Tiara to compliment your Wedding Gown, Prom, or Birthday dress.

Legacy Beauloni offers a variety of head pieces along with coordinated accessories like necklaces and earrings. 

One of the most special things about Legacy Beauloni is the versatility of our pieces.  

Take this beautiful, exotic choker for example.  It's name is Makeba.  It was made as a headpiece, but doubles as a showstopping neck piece as well.  The crystal "flower" in her ear is actually an earring.  This versatility will allow you to wear your pieces on occasion after occasion, and wear them differently.

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Tiara is a Persian word for the headdresses their men and women of means used to wear in ancient times.  The Greeks and the Romans continued the tradition, and since then, it has been worn by royal women, women of noble birth, rich women, socialites, and beauty queens. 

Now it's your turn.

Our tiaras are created out of branches made from semi precious crystals, (some glass, some fire polished), and fresh water pearls. They are attached to a headband with your choice of gold tone or silver tone wire. The tiara can be done on a comb or memory wire.   



Some say wearing pearls on your wedding day will ensure your marriage is happy and you won't shed tears during it.  

We say pearls are a girls best friend!  Lets make them stand up and take notice ... with our Beauloni Pearls! 

Fran is our pearl and crystal encrusted headband that can also be worn as a choker.



Makeba : is a grand headpiece wrap that can be worn as a headpiece in several ways and also as a choker. It is made up of 21 branches of cowrie shells, pearls, and crystals. It can also be made of crystal combinations to your specifications.  Birthstones are especially popular with Brides or favorite gemstones.

You are royalty.  Your Legacy Beauloni wreath of pearls and stones will say that without you having to say a word.


Wedding Veils

The tradition of the wedding veil is almost universal.  In Europe, brides were veiled to trick evil spirits from discovering the brides identity.  Later the veil became a sign of the bride's purity.  

In Africa, the meanings vary from ethnic group to ethnic group.  Sometimes the veil is a testament to the bride's purity there also, while sometimes it is meant to hide the bride's identity temporarily, and other times it is lifted to expose her beauty.

Yours veil is your own special mystery.  It will hide and reveal whatever you want it to.

Starting from $200



This piece, affectionately called "Oprah",  is three cowrie shell branches embellished with rhinestones, offset with a spray of  crystal branches or fresh water pearls branches. It can be ordered in silver memory wire with sliver rhinestones. It can also be ordered in gold memory wire with iridescent (AB) crystals.

This piece can also be worn as a choker.



Legacy Beauloni  Earrings are specifically designed to match and/or complement your headpiece.  You are already coordinated, so there's no need to take on the impossible task of finding earrings that couldn't be any more perfect.

Worry-free perfection!


Legacy Beauloni  Earrings are specifically designed to match and/or complement your headpiece.  You are already coordinated, so there's no need to take on the impossible task of finding earrings that could be any more perfect.

Worry-free perfection!

Starting from $200

We are excited to offer our special packages!

On your wedding day you are the Queen and all eyes, your subjects.

With pleasure, Beauloni aims to create for you the most regal and beautiful crowns to complete your bridal attire. The Legacy Beauloni Collection is the foundation of our business.

 "Legacy Beauloni is the Crowning Glory of a Brides Attire." We have earned this title from servicing brides across the country for over 2 decades of excellence and creativity.

It is our pleasure to be a part of your special day!

Package #1 - Legacy Piece, veil, boutonniere for the Groom and a mini piece for the Flower Girl. 10% off                                  the  Queen's crown.

Package #2 - Legacy Piece with custom adjustments, veil, neck piece, and earrings. 10% off the Queen's                                  piece

Package #3 - Legacy Bride Piece including the Flower Girl. With 2 or more Bridesmaid pieces or                                               headpieces,  the Flower Girl is 15% off.

Package #4 - Full Bridal Party:  Bride, Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaids & Flower Girl, 50% off.                                                 boutonniere  for the Groom or 15% off the veil.

Package #5 - Legacy Piece, veil, boutonniere for all the Grooms Men. 10% off the Groom's piece.

Call us today at (646) 385-1325 to discover which headpiece and bridal package work for you.

Email us at legacybeauloni@gmail.com.
Destination Bridal Venues is a special service we have included to complement our years of expertise.

Email us at beaulonienterprizes@gmail.com for inquiries.

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My name is
Sherri Hobson-Greene...

I am from Brooklyn New York and am a graduate of FIT.

I named my company after my son, Beau and my daughter, Loni.  I want my legacy to be a thriving, vibrant Brooklyn Brand, while passing my craft on to the next generation.

I started designing headpieces in 1991 when I could not find the type of headpiece that suited my look. I had locks just at the top of my head and the sides were shaved. My wedding dress was simply elegant and sweet. The lace was ethnic and un-traditional. My bridesmaids wore African style fabric and their headpieces was a complimentary crown to mine. I created both accessories. We were all a version of Nefertiti.


When I lived in Paris I designed in leather and fur. When I came back to the States I worked in outerwear in leather and fur, and then in private label development for S Rothschild.


My inspirations vary. It might be beautiful flowers I see in a walk through the park. Definitely the dress of my client and her hair style choice. Different seasons also have their special nuances that tempers my mood and color coordinations. 


I design for the self-assured woman of experience who loves versatile and exotic pieces. 


Legacy Beauloni has been featured in Essence magazine, Black Elegance, Jumping the Broom, The Afro-centric Bride, and Braids and Beauty.



Sherri Hobson

Main Office                     

556A Macon Street        

Brooklyn (NY), 11233


Tel: 646.385.1325

Email: legacybeauloni@gmail.com

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